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   At Rutland Forest Nursery, our seedlings come with some of the best genetics available and are grown under excellent management practices. All Rutland Forest Nursery slash and loblolly seedlings are genetically improved for rust resistance and growth.
           Slash Pine 
1) Slash.JPG
   Loblolly Leaf Pine 
2) Loblolly (2).JPG
     LongLeaf Pine
3) Longleaf.JPG
After placing your order, your trees will be hand-lifted and hand-graded for size, health, and general quality. The roots of selected seedings are dipped in a water-based, moisture conserving gel, then bundled in open-ended bales with roots interior and foliage exterior. Each bale has about 1,000 trees. Baled seedlings are kept onsite in cold storage to ensure freshness. We take orders year-round, and seedings are available for pickup from mid-November to mid-March.
With over thirty years of expertise, we can help you decide which variety is right for you.
Contact us today for a free quote.
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